WELCOME to Thompson Boer Goats owners are Jody, Eric and Patty Thompson. We are located
in the Texas Hill Country - 30 miles West of Kerrville.  
Our breeding program utilizes the best genetics available in order to consistently produce show quality breeding stock
as well as sound meat goats for competitive markets.

Look for our Spotted Boer Goats, Dapple Boer Goats and our RED Boer Goats!  

Blood lines include: Status Quo, Guage, Taebo, Rambo, Cannon, Der War Paint, Remington M160, Collateral
Damage, Dottie,  MoJo Majic, Frances, HMR Sumo, DerWalt, Tabu, Tamu, 2 Sis Tamu,Yabu, Kaptein, Downen Big
85, Canadian Club, African Amy,  Like a Rock, IAG C. Du Toit, IAG Hannes Botha, Tarzan, Codi/PCI,  Dow Pipeline,
Labola,  EL Extremline P, Tarzan, Eggsfile, & DSM Wobbles SA.
Updated April 17, 2012
Herd Sires
Spotted Boer Goats
Full Blood Spotted Billy
Full Blood Spotted Billy - spots are White, Black, Gray.
Spotted neck % Doe
Full Blood Spotted Doe
Spotted % Doe
Full Blood Spotted Paint Doe
Full Blood Spotted Doe
Spotted Neck Doe
Spotted Neck Does
This is our Spotted/Dapple Boer Goat program.  We have had great success with our Full Blood Spotted Buck
Darwin and our spotted does as well as our paint does.
TAM'S X-04


Full Blood Spotted Buck

ABGA # 10425263
Breeding season is right around the corner.  
Our kids will be hitting the ground in March.  
It will be exciting to see how many Spotted,
Dapple, and Red goats we get this year.  
Spotted Bucks added to For Sale Page!
Introducing TST1 Windy Acres Aramis to our herd!  Aramis ABGA # 10459041
Aramis is loving his new home!
Aramis~SueTaylor, Patty & Jody Thompson
Look for Aramis wethers in Mid-March!
Aramis in the Show Ring
Sep 09 - Panhandle South Plains Fair - FB Bucks 6-9 Months                     4th Place
Sep 09 - Amarillo Tri-State Fair - FB Bucks 6-9 Months                             4th Place
Sep 09 - Permian Basin Fair & Expo - FB Bucks 6-9 Months                      3rd Place
Jun 09 - 2009 ABGA National Show - Fullblood Buck Kids 0-3 Months     7th Place
May 09 - Meat Goat Capital Classic - FB Bucks 0-3 Months                       5th Place
May 09 - Meat Goat Capital Classic Show 2 - FB Bucks 0-3 Months          3rd Place